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Company Overview

SamariDent™ is the newly formed Dental Division for Samaritan Biologics, who designs, develops and distributes regenerative biologics.  Samaritan Biologics is registered with the FDA and licensed in multiple states to hold, store, and distribute Human Cells,Tissues and Tissue-Based Products (HCT/P) in its office and distribution facility based in Memphis, TN.  Samaritan’s R&D Lab is located in CUBEInc. on the Clemson University Campus with access to shared resources with the Clemson Biomedical Engineering program.   We work with multiple AATB accredited tissue banks to ensure customers have a consistent supply and the physicians are able to choose the grafts they believe are best suited for each patient. In addition to our dental products, we have a complete offering of both structural and non-structural allografts as well as soft tissue allografts including but not limited to bone void fillers, DBM, machined bone allografts, tendons, fascia, and a wide variety of putty’s and pastes to meet the demands of physicians and the facilities financial considerations.  If you don’t see it here, ask us to find it.

Product Overview

DBM Fillers & Forms

CCC –  Crushed Cancellous Chips – Multiple volumes, chip sizes and mix available from different tissue bank partners.Picture change to existing picture will move down and across from DBM Fibers

Cubes – DBM Cancellous Cubes –  Available from 8MM to 14MM Cubes from multiple tissue banks.

Strips – DBM Cancellous Strips – Available in a variety of widths, lengths and thicknesses to match surgeon specific requests.

Fusion Fibers – DBM Cortical Fibers –  Available in multiple volumes from multiple vendors.  These grafts readily wick liquids and can be shaped and formed easily when hydrated.

Structural Allografts

Reconstructive Grafts – Multiple structural grafts available including Cotton-Evans Wedges, Calcaneous, Patella,TriCortical and Bi-Cortical available ambient and frozen.

Femoral Grafts – Several types of Femoral Grafts are available including femoral heads, hemi-condyles and others available in both ambient and frozen offerings.

Shafts – Femoral Tibial, Ulnar, Radial & Humeral Shafts, Whole and Halves both ambient and frozen storage available.

Machined Specialty Allografts – Specialty specific grafts machined in a variety of configurations and in some instances matched instrument sets are available.

Long Bones – Wide variety of long bones for challenging reconstructive procedures patient-specific customization available.

Soft Tissue AlloGrafts

 MOSTtm Sports Tendons – Multiple Options Sports Tendons – Samaritan partners with multiple tissue banks to provide better graft matches based on the needs of the patient, surgeon, and facility

PASCO2® Processing Technology.- Is a premium processing technology providing sterility assurance level (SAL) of10-6 .without irradiation.  These are limited supply due to the cost of the sterilization process.

Bone Block Tendons – Multiple options including standard and pre-shaped Achilles, Hemi & Whole Patellar tendons using a variety of cleaning, processing and sterilization methods including . PASCO2

Non-Bone Block Tendons – All traditional options including Post & Anterior Tibialis, Semi-T, Gracilis,  and  Peroneus Longus using a variety of cleaning, processing and sterilization methods including PASCO2.  

Patient Matched Meniscus – Tibial bone block with medial or lateral menisci allograft is compatible with various transplant techniques, and each Meniscus is precisely matched using the patients’ radiographs and the surgeon’s direction.

Other Soft Tissue – Wide variety of soft tissue grafts including Fascia, Pericardium, and Cartilage using a variety of cleaning, processing, and sterilization methods including PASCO2.

Perinatal AlloGrafts

Samaritan Biologics offers a complete offering of Perinatal Tissue Allografts.  Perinatal allografts are grafts sourced from scheduled c-section births.

Multiple membrane offerings are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Our grafts range from a small single layer disc-shaped amniotic membrane that surgeons can use for delicate areas such as the eye to multi-layer grafts to meet the need for different applications.

Perinatal AlloGrafts

Full Thickness (RETAIN-FT & AmnioStratis – FT) – 4X Thicker than single layer Amnion, easily repositions after hydration, Naturally holds position in wounds.  RETAIN – FT available in multiple sizes ideal for Dental Indications.

Amnion/Chorion (2 Layer) – 2X Thicker than Single Layer, Traditional Design, Standard Sizing Available

Amnion Only (Single Layer) – Thin Flexible Graft, Highly Conformable, ideal when low profile grafts are required, Hydrates quickly, EyeGen Disc Grafts available in multiple diameters.

Mimetic Biomaterial Devices

Biomaterials from different synthetic and animal sources have been used successfully for decades. Some physicians prefer the characteristics from of these materials compared to human based products. These types of devices can be used to facilitate healing serving as scaffolds, both structural and non-structural in nature.

Our products include a collagen xenograft scaffold for wound healing and a synthetic bone void filler that allows for procedural flexibility by exhibiting properties that enable screw placement and adhesion between opposing surfaces.

Wound Care

BioconneKt ™ Wound Matrix – 510 K medical device approved for dermal & Surgical Wounds.  It is a suturable, Type 1 Collagen, with a BioAvailable Scaffold, that is WoundVac compatible.  This unique woundcare product is a Low Touch-Hi-Tech option designed to minimize reapplications.

Bone Void Filler

OsteoCrete ™ Bone Void Filler – The only Mg based Bone Graft Substitute 510K approved medical device.  It is drillable in 5 minutes and cures to 36 MPA with adhesive qualities comparable PMMA.   It can be used either as a flowable or moldable application, is non exothermic and remodels in 6-12 months.  There are a variety of mixing and delivery kit options available to complement this device.

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